Clash Of Clans Star Bonus: What You Have To Know

Clash Of Clans Star Bonus: What You Have To Know

In January one other large Clash of Clans update arrived that launched a few necessary changes. It delivepurple a new Star Bonus, Loot Cart, a Treasury to house money and more. There's lots of frustration round how the new Star Bonus works, and below are extra particulars for players.

The issues began after a major update in December, called the Town Corridor 11 update. It was the largest update in the history of Clash of Clans, which is likely one of the hottest mobiles games of all times. It had a number of players upset, caused cash or "loot" in the game bots ( to dry up, and the Star Bonus and Loot Cart intention to fix these problems.

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Currently we’ve seen a variety of confusion across the new Star Bonus. Gamers claiming it’s solely available each other day, not each day, or asking when the 24 hour clock begins and more. Some are even reporting assaults don’t count, and players aren’t earning their stars. Read on for extra details.

The new Clash of Clans Star Bonus is actually very simple to understand. It’s basically a daily goal. If a player attacks sufficient all through a 24 period to earn 5 stars, they get free Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir. Extra cash for actively enjoying the game.

Increased City Hall gamers get a bigger Star Bonus with more cash, and those in a higher league (based mostly on trophies) get more cash as well. The end result is users will want to be in the highest league as potential to get a big bonus, but not such a high league that they'll’t even get a star during assaults, and fail to get a bonus at all.

The Star Bonus is an addition to the "loot bonus" which is earned whereas attacking different villages in the game. Customers that get at the very least one star during an attack get a "loot bonus" on top of what they steal from a village throughout an attack, and the higher proportion of injury finished the bigger the loot bonus.

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However, the problem is lots of people don’t perceive the new Star Bonus. The day the replace arrived a whole lot of gamers began attacking, acquired 5 stars and the bonus, then had to wait 20+ hours for an additional bonus. This lead many to consider this isn’t a "each day bonus" however it is. Under we’ll explain why, along with a response from Supercell, the developers behind the game.

Star Bonus Clock

It might not feel prefer it, however the Star Bonus is available each 24 hours. If players time it proper, they will even earn the bonus back-to-back, incomes tens of millions in loot in just one day. Right here’s the official rationalization from Supercell themselves.

Whenever you complete your very first Star Bonus, a 24-hour timer begins before a new Star Bonus will turn into available.
Thereafter, each time a new Star Bonus turns into available, a new 24-hour countdown timer will begin working instantly behind the scenes. This timer counts down even while you work on finishing your current Star Bonus! When this timer reaches "zero" is when your subsequent Star Bonus will develop into available.
Remember, although, you could solely have one Star Bonus available at a time . You’ll have to complete your present Star Bonus to get the subsequent one, even if this timer is already "zero" behind the scenes. In this case, the subsequent Star Bonus will probably be available immediately. Two in a row!
If you do your very first attack late in the day, after work at around 5PM and earn a star, that is when the Star Bonus starts. Behind the scenes a 24 hour clock begins. That means you will have till tomorrow at 5PM until the next one begins, but you'll be able to nonetheless earn it past 5PM. It isn’t each morning at midnight, or anything like that. As everyone plays at completely different instances across the world.

This sentence should make the most sense. "This timer counts down even whilst you work on finishing your present Star Bonus!" If you happen to get these last few stars after the 24 hour window, you continue to get the bonus, and the next one begins immediately. That means some gamers can get two in a single day. Nonetheless, for those who do, there shall be a countdown timer until the subsequent one starts. So earning it too fast makes gamers really feel prefer it isn’t every day, nevertheless it is.

Missing Stars

Multiple players have reported that stars aren’t being earned or counted, losing attacks. There’s an evidence for this as well.

Throughout a "revenge attack" there isn't a loot bonus (in the event you didn’t know already) and revenge assaults additionally do not depend in the direction of the star bonus. Only multiplayer fights using the "attack" button count. This means if you happen to go into the historical past and revenge somebody that’s an easy goal, you won’t earn stars towards the bonus.